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Meet The 5-Star Team

How do we know what you're thinking? Well, we live the dream, we know the market, and, more importantly, we have numerous satisfied customers that can testify to it. If you need further convincing, please take a few minutes to review the "Investment Property" section in our Gran Canaria Buyer´s Guide. Is buying property in Gran Canaria difficult? Honestly, that depends on how you go about it. There's the hard way, and then there's the Home and Help way. As you can see from our Gran Canaria Buyer´s Guide, there are numerous details involved, and you´re in Spain, which is a bit notorious for its bureaucracy; with Home and Help´s 5-star service, however, these details will not get in the way of you enjoying yourself on our island paradise. Window-shopping is always fun! So please do enjoy our website and its hundreds of property listings. We would like to encourage you to register so that you can save your favorite properties, as well as get alerts about new Gran Canaria properties that come on the market that fit your special requirements. But, listen, if you are remotely serious about buying property in Gran Canaria, then make direct contact with us either by our "Let us help you" form, or by telephoning our office. We want to get to know you and learn about your desires of owning property in Gran Canaria. We know a little bit about how you are probably feeling right now, and we have the expertise to get you where you need to be. We're friendly people, so expect to enjoy getting to know us and learning the ins and outs of buying property in Gran Canaria.

It's important for you to know that we check the Land Registry of all the properties in our books, ensuring each property listed on our website is 100% registered correctly with the Land Registry office. We save you and ourselves from surprises.

Property-Buying Process in Gran Canaria

  • Buying process, legal and tax matters
  • Mediation and advice (guidance) on property purchase
  • Calculation of the total purchase costs and taxes (estimating a provision of funds) 10%
  • Application for tax-number / NIE
  • Coordinating mortgage loans through the most reputable Spanish Banks
  • Multilingual contracts (on request)
  • Legal & tax advice (In-house)
  • Legal & tax assistance in property transfer
  • Handling the purchase process until the final land registry entry
  • Open a Spanish bank account for utility bills (e.g. water, electric, monthly community fees)
  • Applications for water, electricity and telephone supply (new owner name)


After the completion of the sale we can still be your contact company for many matters, including rental management, cleaning, gardening, repairs, reforms, guest check in and airport transfers, please check out our property management section.

Meet The 5-Star Team

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